NFD Productions Film Slate for current and future productions. Currently we just finished a 3D feature “CROOKED BILLET II” the follow up to the multi internationally award winning 3D feature “CROOKED BILLET” and have now started another 3D feature this time a comedy “Triangle in the SKY”. We have also just finished episode 1 (Pilot – Taster) of a teen/young person orientated  gritty/unsettling/shocking TV PILOT that is “RISK TAKERS” staring Jamie Lomas, Persephone Swales-Dawson, Elle Young and Olivia Mae Bradley. Other even more shocking episodes, are now written and ready to be filmed shortly.


Trailer for “RISK TAKERS staring Jamie Lomas, Persephone Swales-Dawson, Elle Young and Olivia Mae Bradley.

Teaser  for “Triangle in the SKY” Comedy 3D film currently in production. Estimated completion June 2020.


We are currently looking for investment for the following feature films:

NFD Productions Film Slate future  – “TEARS OF GLASS”

NFD Productions Film Slate

Feature film drama about how a young Nazi brown shirt boy falls in love with a young Jewish girl just three days before “Krystal Nacht”. The events leading up to, during WWII and how afterwards they finally find one another again despite all the war could throw at them.

NFD Productions Film Slate future – “LITTLE SOULS”

Family feature film about two young ghosts who are able to move between their lives in Victorian times and the present day with interesting results.


NFD Productions Film Slate INTEREST

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