3D Stereoscopic

3D Stereoscopic

Queen Victoria made 3D popular in the form of photographic cards from around the empire for after dinner entertainment. Since then its had its up’s and downs.

The most recent “up” was with James Cameron’s AVATAR in 2009 which caused a sudden bloom of 3D TV’s phones, gaming consoles etc.

This has over recent times cooled off mostly due to big studios trying to cut corners and producing 3D by computer simulation as its cheaper. The knock on affect has been to put people off it in its current format. In the 50/60’s the “Monster from the Deep” was so far out of the screen it gave audiences head aches and made them feel sick.

Modern 3D using active screens shot correctly with “two” cameras and not computer simulated is truly a thing of beauty to behold; and that is exactly the method we use, one camera for each eye exactly as nature intended. Without special screens and set up, the only way to show the footage on the web is in the old 50/60’s style anaglyph (red and blue glasses required) and as such there is a sample below. On request we can supply a 3D blu-ray version for use on modern TV’s.


There are now available displays from Dolby and others that no longer require glasses to view in 3D; ideal for conferences and exhibitions to add that little something “WOW”

3D Stereoscopic

It can show architecture and distance in a way nothing else can. It can also make special events incredible in that its almost as if you have a “copy of real people” which no 2D video can ever do. With glasses free 3D TV’s starting to become available it’s well and truly about to come of age. For more information on 3D filming please go here

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